An amazing bonding experience

We all know that starting from the second trimester, babies can hear and recognize their mother's voice. What about the other way around? Feel your unborn baby and bond with your future family .

Safety first

My Baby's Beat was developed in order to help you feel safe. Before using the app, switch to airplane mode to cut off transmission of all mobile/Internet communications.

No hardware required

Now you can listen, record, and share your baby's heartbeat using only your iPhone microphone and a standard headset.

"I was a bit skeptical at first but it works amazingly well. My wife is at week 29 and already tried the application several times. It's amazing to hear the heartbeat of our baby every time we use the application. Very exciting and easy to use. Strongly recommend."

- Sasi1974

"Amazing, It wasn't easy at first. But after a few minutes we could clearly hear our son's heart. How cool is that!"


" - really amazing what can be done with my iphone..."

- Alon Y.